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Well, today was the first time since Cassidy got here that I have not been able to go to the barn. It felt sort of strange. I’ve gotten very used to the routine of grooming her and spending quality time in the quiet of her pasture. I’ll get over there for her lunchtime. I had to take two of our young dogs to the vet for their annual checkups. For me, that means everything but vaccines. We did bloodwork, I took fecal and urine samples and they got a good once over.

Cindy Lou is a teeny, 5 lb. terror of a dog who has had chronic bladder infections since coming to us at 3 months of age. She is a very strange looking and acting dog. We have never known what she was until a few months ago when we did a DNA test on her. Everyone figured she was a chihuahua since she’s so little but she’s mostly schipperke with a dash of mastiff in there for good measure! We took an x-ray to make sure she had no bladder stones and found out she is missing ribs or has one too many vertebrae. Told you she’s weird.

Jill is our big girl who has always been healthy. Didn’t expect to find anything wrong but I had noticed a lump on her back leg and wanted that checked. Our vet, Dr. Rick, took a needle aspirate and found some unusual looking cells (we were hoping it was simply a fatty tumor) so we are going to have to remove it and send it off for biopsy. The location of it is such, that if it were allowed to get any bigger, removal would be difficult. So, here we go again…we just went through 2 months of post-operative care for our 1 year cattledog. She had to have her ankle fixed! It’s always something around this menagerie.


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