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Our equine veterinarian, Dr. Christy, came by yesterday to give Cassidy a once over and booster her vaccines. She was very pleased with her progress. It has been a month since she first examined her and did the ultrasound to find out for sure she was pregnant. She was also pleased with the progress I’ve made in my confidence level with Cassidy. She had to get her vaccines boostered and I hated that. I’m from the less is better way of thinking, especially when it comes to vaccinating my animals. I’m not knowledgeable enough on all the horse diseases or requirements, yet, so I’m going with what the doctor says. No need to start arguing with her when we’ve just started our friendship! We also microchipped Cassidy – boy, that was a big needle! Our girl only flinched a bit and we gave her a peppermint as she was getting the chip injected, so it was all good. Dr. Christy says we still have a bit of time before the baby. I have to keep vigilant on the udder watch.


I have begun reading “The Fjordhorse Handbook” by Carol Rivoire. I believe it is the only book specifically about Norwegian Fjordhorses. I stumbled upon Carol’s site for her farm (www.beaverdamfarm.com) shortly after Cassidy April arrived. I wanted an experts opinion if she could be a purebred Fjord or the Fjord/Percheron she was supposed to be. Carol has been very kind to me and she thinks she is not only a purebred Fjordhorse but a good one, at that.

She said, “I have studied the photos, and my opinion is that she is pure-bred Fjord.  How tall did you say she is?  —  She looks all Fjord to me, and not only that she’s got some very nice Fjord features.  Her head is wonderful with great eyes, just exactly what we want to see in a Fjord mare.  —  Her bone is very good.  Her back is long, which isn’t exactly very desireable, but that said, it WAS very desireable when we first started with Fjords back in 1979.” Carol Rivoire.

Cool, huh?!


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