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Ms. Cassidy April introduced herself to our community yesterday as a spokesmare for PMU rescues. The barn organized a fun get together for the afternoon and proceeds were to benefit a needy family. Almost $500 was raised. When we first got there Cassidy was in her usual pasture in the front but we decided for her to get attention she needed to come to the back of the property where most were congregating. We let her hang out in the round pen and she was more than happy to have some grass to munch on.


We made a poster explaining her story and why she came to us. We tried not to get too graphic for people but still giving them the truth about what these PMU horses have to endure. Most were receptive and had never heard it any of it before. Educating is the key to change!


People got to buy bags of carrots to give the horses, they had chips, sodas and hotdogs for sale and the big thing was the horse rides! Teddy Bear was the kind soul allowing everyone to get their turns walking around the property from his vantage point. So many small kids were just thrilled and not scared at all. A few bigger kids weren’t too sure but they still did it. It was a treat for lots of families who’ve never had the opportunity to be around such large animals. All the horses were well behaved and enjoyed the attention.



I made small talk with several people about Cassidy. No one knew what kind of horse she is. Everyone was happy she is going to have a baby soon and they were all drawn to her kindness. Even the people who were a bit afraid were ok petting her. She really seemed to like it, once she was done eating grass! We feel Cassidy April is going to be able to educate many, many people and we are happy to share her with the world. She is a dream come true. Oh, the talk was also about how Cassidy and her owner (me) have the exact same hair now 🙂


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Cassidy April is making her debut this afternoon as a spokesmare against the PMU industry. The barn where she boards is having a charity event to raise funds for a needy family. The barn owner is part of a women’s organization that does all sorts of community good works. The event is a BBQ type thing where people can pay a small amount for a bag of carrots to feed the various horses, there will be photos taken with one of the trained horses, raffles, etc.


We quickly put together a poster last night introducing our special horse and telling where she came from and why. We didn’t get too graphic but we did use a couple of photos of horses in the pee barns. She is going to be quite an attention stealer, especially with her braided mane and forelock. She looks the part of the fairy tale horse today! We’ll give a report after the event is over.


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